Just Great Music


Soul Shine is set to take the Central IL by Storm,

Soul Shine brings together four  great Midwestern artists with unique storied histories and experiences.  The type of artists you want on your stage with the excellence you would expect.  Soul Shine is set to take Central IL by storm,  

What Do You Get

When you have a renown bassist and one of the lead singers from Kool Ray & the Polaroidz, (Dee Pearson)  and match him with one of the most sought after drummers in central IL, ( Larry Wigand ) add a world traveled guitarist from the Eddie King Band (Mike "Boomer" Means, and a young gun guitarist and great vocalist, ( Josh Means)  and you have the makings of Soul Shine

Song Set List

A Song List designed to drive a dance floor s well as a listening audience, with great vocals ans superb instrumentation these guys will be in high demand



A Song List Designed For Dancing



Singing and Instrumentation like the big boys