Marc Boon


With 25 year as a band leader, of the perennial favorites HIP POCKET  Marc sometimes now gets to enjoys the freedom of solo performances that showcase his soulful vocals and instrumental talents..


Marc has developed a versatile group of fellow musicians capable of playing in various settings from duos with a remarkable keyboardist and vocalist  RAY WIGGS to his Trio he calls "Oh Solo Trio Don't miss any rendition of these fine artists

One Night Band

Then there is the full thrust of the talent around Marc's leadership that he calls the ONE NIGHT BAND, a group that showcases the  best in soulful rock, standard and original Americana, and funky blues

Marc Boon & the One Night Band

Marc Boon Singer, acoustic and electric guitars, piano I've been singing for 57 years and started to get paid for singing and playing music back in 1968; spent 22 years in broadcasting; 25 years with a band called Hip Pocket, and another 20 years in other bands and performing solo. During that time it's been a pleasure to sing just about every type of music there is to anyone who would listen. Musically my hope is to simply have a good time with people and tell you some good stories regardless of the genre. Whether its during a solo show, with the trio, One Night Band or any other combination there of, we'll have some new experiences together and some new and old music to share. From solo and trio gigs to band tours, it's all i

Last year we started to get more playing time by shrinking the group size from time to time. It gave us more chances to play and for everyone to get some playing time that better fit their schedules. We also started to mix in music from the solo and trio set lists with the band's sets to get a common thread among each ensemble. It's been cool to expand on the acoustic songs with the band and to scale band tunes back with the trio(s) and my solo show