Jaigh Lowder & Jill Manning Song Crafters



 Lowder & Manning...  they make it look easy! These two extremely talented musicians are full  of more than just themselves! They are artists: disorganized, socially  awkward, fundamentally dysfunctional - in all the right ways - yet, they  are exceptionally gifted songwriters and their music reflects it! When  we need inspiration to continue to suck air - they've been there for us  and continue to hone their craft. 

Jaigh Lowder


 Jaigh Lowder  is an amazing guitar player, an inspiration to all aspiring guitarists  and bearded men alike. He's smooth, unshaven and clean, and he graduated  pickin' class with honors! This man can play any style music with ease,  and you will often find yourself saying "wow, what the heck was that!"  Jaigh has gigged all over the central USA as a journeyman guitarist for  over 40 years, even traveling with the president and entertaining  dignitaries. He also owned and operated a commercial recording studio  for 14 years in central Illinois. 

Jill Manning


 Jill Manning's  insights into human nature are raw, poetic and inspirational; she  paints a picture with words which will make everyone see differently.  She doesn't mind embarrassing herself or sinking her teeth into others,  when the situation warrants. Jill will touch you in a way only a  stranger can. She has lived and performed in central Illinois and  Austin, TX, and appeared on 3 different occasions at the Bluebird Cafe  in Nashville, TN

Lowder & Manning~~Creative Songwriters

Original Composition from Jaigh & Jill

Original & Traditional Folk and Jazz Standards

Soulful Vocals & Tasteful Guitars