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First Friday of Every Month

Bloomington, IL

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First Friday of Every Month

Always Remember First Friday of Every Month - Rockin' Tom @ Maguire's Bar & Grill

Bloomington, IL


Stayed Tuned

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Stayed Tuned

New events are added all the time. Please come back and check regularly.

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Lowder & Manning


Jaigh Lowder & Jill Manning are at the top of their class, performing original folk and rock tunes as well as classic folk and jazz standards.  Well known in the wine country and coffee house circuit, from Austin to Nashville.  Not to be missed!

Fabulous Hoedads/Honky Tonk All Stars


Former members of Timothy P and RR3 have regrouped, and playing the music they love.  Featuring Emmy Award Winner Ron Stockert bands.

Alan Wright


Originally from Decatur, IL, Alan has a long history as guitarist, singer and songwriter. He's briging his award winning blues sound to the Midwest stages.

Rickey Allen Meredith


Writer, vocalist, and musician from central Illinois, Rickey Allen Meredith has been writing and performing since early in this teens. Rickey has shared the stage with many National Stars and has strong roots in Christian music.

Arthur Lee Land


 From Boulder, CO, Arthur is a multi-instrument vocalist renown for his Afro Folk Grass live looping art.  Arthur can present educational programs to thrill and involve students as well.  Popular with House Parties, Wineries and Listening Clubs that are the talk of the circuit.  Watch for a Midwest Tour this Summer/Fall 

Warren & Pearson


 Matthew Jennings Warren and Dennis "DEE" Pearson also past members of Kool Ray and the Polaroidz are veteran musicians, who have lent their considerable talent to taking Central IL to the nation 

Wayward Son


 Just recently signed, Wayward Son are Christian Rockers with  a message of love thru  their musical talent for which they are thankful .  Catch them in June at the Castle in Lexington, IL 

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